NetShelter Basic Rack PDUs

Reliable rack power distribution Our best value rack PDU

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NetShelter Metered Rack PDUs

Metered rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide real-time remote monitoring of connected loads. 

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NetShelter Metered-by-Outlet Rack PDUs

Metered-by-outlet Rack Power Distribution Units (Rack PDU) provide real-time remote monitoring at the outlet level

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NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced

Best-in-class intelligent rack power distribution (PDU) with up to 50% more power, twice as many outlets, and a 4-in-1 combination outlet design for fast, flexible deployment Maximizing density, speed of deployment, and availability in data center environments.

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NetShelter Switched Metered Outlet PDUs

Metered Outlet Rack Power Distribution Units (Rack PDU) with Switching provide real-time energy management.

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NetShelter Switched Rack PDUs

With Industry leading reliability, manageability, and security, APC Switched Rack PDU’s provide advanced load management

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